About the photographer

in Las Vegas

Heather Jacquart

I am a commercial photographer who specializes in food, beverage and product photography. I am born and raised in Las Vegas, and have graduated from the College of Southern Nevada in 2021, with a major in Commercial Photography. I have the education, professional equipment, and industry experience to elevate your brand with captivating imagery that leaves a lasting impression of the customer wanting your product.  With techniques I've learned like lighting and food styling, helps make your images stand out. The camera model that I utilize is the Canon EOS R Mirrorless. 

Two of my main areas of expertise are food/beverage and restaurant photography. I love being able to enhance the different textures of various foods and drinks, and visually display how delicious the food looks through the camera lens. It is imperative for restaurants and businesses to showcase their edible creations in an elevated visual manner, so they can increase their customer base which results in more profits for your bottom line. I use my expertise to increase your exposure and popularity through Yelp, applicable websites and social media.

I would love to work with you and create the vision you're looking for!

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